New Smiles Contest Update – October 2018

 “’I’m really excited about getting my permanent teeth, but I will miss coming here! The staff has been so awesome.”

In December 2017, we named the lucky winner of our 2nd Annual New Smiles Contest. Jennifer was blown away! The prize was the dream of a lifetime for her – a new set of beautiful, functioning teeth!

Jennifer’s prize is also a journey. The All-on-Four® treatment with All on Friday® is a 6-step process offering full restoration of one or both dental arches. Jennifer’s final new smile will look and act just like a set of natural teeth and they will last forever.


About the New Smile Journey

Full arch restoration begins with a transformative surgery where the patient receives a full set (upper or lower arch) of temporary prosthetic teeth. These temporary teeth allow Jennifer to get used to soft chewing, smiling and talking normally again while her mouth heals for 4 – 6 months. The best part is, she can show off a beautiful new smile from day 1!

Last week, our winner achieved Step 4: Mounting and Temporary Evaluation.  During this appointment, Jennifer talked with Dr. Naples about her teeth to determine what changes will be made to improve the look and feel of her “forever teeth”.

Quick Guide to All on 4 Steps:

  1. Step 1: Initial Records – Records are used to create prosthetic teeth which will be fitted to patient on their surgery day.
  2. Step 2: Surgery + Conversion – Surgery to place implants and convert patient’s prosthetic teeth. The patient leaves after surgery with a new smile!
  3. Step 3: Final Impressions – After the healing period, impressions are the first step in creating a patient’s final set of prosthetic teeth.
  4. Step 4: Mounting & Cosmetic Evaluation – one clinical step closer to final prosthetic teeth but at this appointment the patient also gets to share what they like best about their temporary teeth and what they would like to be improved.
  5. Step 5: Wax Try-In – patient gets to try a wax model of what their final teeth with look like, if there are no changes then the final prosthesis are approved to be processed by the lab.
  6. Step 6: Final Delivery – This is the big day when the patient is fitted with a final prosthetic. The patient leaves our office with the new smile they designed with the care and collaboration of their restorative dentist, Dr. Naples and his team, and Star Dental Lab.


New Smiles Contest – Winner Update

We caught up with Jennifer during her last appointment to see how the new smile journey was going.

You’ve had your temporary teeth for a few months now. How Have things been going?

It’s been an adjustment – a good adjustment! These temporary teeth are way better than what I had before, so it’s been a blessing.

What has been the biggest adjustment?

I’m used to it now, but I had to relearn to chew, talk, do motions and pronounce words with my mouth.

I’ve been gradually eating more and different foods again. I’m eating soft foods now like rice, beans, chicken, baked fish, and yogurt. The rule is, I can eat anything I can cut with a plastic knife and fork.

What’s been your favorite part of the experience so far?

Everybody’s reaction to my teeth and my smile! The response has been amazing. No one could believe these were only temporary teeth. Everyone loves my smile and they said Dr. Naples did such a good job.

Has anything changed for you since the surgery?

Now I smile more! I talk to people for a living, and I realized I had learned how to talk to hide the broken teeth. I wouldn’t talk if I didn’t have to and I wouldn’t smile as much. I had forgotten how to smile. Now I talk and smile more at work and it feels so good.

“I wanted to be able to eat, chew and talk right again. Those are things people take for granted.

Were you nervous about starting this new smile journey?

No, I wasn’t! Maybe I should have been, but I was just so excited to have this done and to have been picked for this – I kept thinking it was a dream.

If anyone were to ask me what I wanted most in the world, it would be to get my teeth done! I wanted to be able to eat, chew and talk right. Those are things people take for granted. I feel completely blessed.

How did you hear about the New Smiles Contest?

My dentist, Dr. Priour referred me. I had been going to her forever for my teeth problems, so she knew I needed this treatment. She knew I needed implants but couldn’t afford them, so she told me about the contest. I was so honored that she thought of me!


About the New Smiles Contest

Dr. Naples and partners Star Dental Lab, Nobel Biocare and Dr. Paige Priour use All-on-4’s proven method to change lives through better dental implant treatment.

To help patients who need extensive dental restoration but cannot afford the treatment, we teamed up with world leaders in dental implant technology Nobel Biocare, longtime partners Star Dental Lab, and a local restorative dentist. Together we provided one lucky patient with a full dental arch restoration using the innovative All on 4 dental implant treatment – a $25,000 value – absolutely FREE!

New Smiles Contest Update 2018

New Year, New Smile!

It’s official – we have a winner! Our lucky patient Jennifer is getting a brand-new smile in 2018 with All-on-4® and All on Friday®. 

It’s a new year, new smile for our New Smiles Contest winner. Jennifer’s transformative dental implant surgery is scheduled for our next All on Friday session on January 26, 2018. After that, it will take 3 – 5 months for healing and then finding the perfect fit for her “forever teeth”.  

Dr. Naples and partners Star Dental Lab, Nobel Biocare and Dr. Paige Priour are using All-on-4’s proven method to change lives through better dental implant treatment.

Jennifer, we can’t wait to make you smile again!

About the Winner

“She is still crying because she feels so blessed.”

Jennifer’s family reports that she is as always helping other people and they are so happy she is finally going to be able to have her smile back.  She has waited years for this, and she told us, “she is still crying because she feels so blessed” to be our New Smiles Winner.  

We’re overjoyed to offer this contest for the second year in a row! Many thanks to all who entered and to everyone who made it possible.   


About the New Smiles Contest 

To help patients who need extensive dental restoration but cannot afford it, oral surgeon Dr. Robert J. Naples has teamed up with world leaders in dental implant technology Nobel Biocare, longtime partners Star Dental Lab, and a local restorative dentist. Together they will offer one qualifying Texan a chance to have a brand-new smile with the groundbreaking All-on-4 dental implant treatment and All on Friday program. 

This prize has a value of $25,000. But the life-changing value to the patient is priceless. 


About All-on-4 with All on Friday

All-on-4 is a proven and life-changing dental implant treatment concept developed by Nobel Biocare, which replaces all your top or bottom teeth using dental implants. The procedure supports a new, natural-looking and fully functioning set of teeth which can immediately improve your ability to chew, laugh and smile. 

All on Friday is the only program of its kind in the country, which uses the All-on-4 treatment concept in partnership with the patient’s own dentist. Since 2000, Dr. Naples has placed more than 6,000 dental implants and provides a safe, clinical environment using state-of-the-art technology and materials. His knowledgeable and attentive team contributes to the individualized care every patient receives while in our care. 

With All on Friday, new smiles are created during a series of Friday appointments in Dr. Naples’ Round Rock, Texas office. Patients often select All on Friday because it uses the All-on-4 treatment approach in collaboration with their own dentist. Maintaining the patient-dentist relationship results in improved confidence, better care, and life-changing outcomes for patients. 


Stay Tuned

You too could win a new smile! We will re-launch our annual New Smiles Contest later this year, so, stay tuned! For now, follow Jennifer’s new smile journey here and on social media.


New Smiles Contest 2018 - Winner Update

Dr. Naples at Seattle Study Club Symposium

It’s that time again. That time, every year in January, when Dr. Naples “disappears” for a few days.

The doctor’s not out golfing or fishing, however. In fact, he’s on professional development leave to one of the dental industry’s most prestigious events: Seattle Study Club’s annual Symposium. January 15 – 20 in La Quinta, CA, Dr. Naples joins the rock stars of dentistry and oral surgery for a week of learning and collaboration.


Symposium 25th Anniversary – The Legacy Tour!

To honor the conference’s 25th Anniversary, Symposium has launched The Legacy Tour. The tour is headlined by the current generation of superstar dental educators. Packed with over 40 speakers, many clinical sessions, and panel discussions, the tour offers practical knowledge that doctors can take back to their offices.

Study clubs across the globe meet here to connect and share information about the dental industry.


Working Together To Be Better

“Interdisciplinary treatment planning is the foundation of ideal care.”

This is the founding principal of Symposium and a big part of why Dr. Naples looks forward to this event every year. At Naples Oral + Facial Surgery, we believe strongly in collaboration. After all, at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to be better doctors and give better patient care!

In addition, we at Team Naples are also honored and excited to have some of these dental superstars on our own stage. Symposium speakers Dr. Shah, Dr. Kois, Dr. Robbins and Dr. Margeas will all speak to our local SSC chapter, Lone Star Dental Seminars, in 2018!

Check out the Symposium festival offering here.

Symposium 2018 Professional Development

About Seattle Study Club and Lone Star Dental Seminars

Seattle Study Club, Inc. is a global network of doctors interested in furthering their knowledge to provide excellent care to each and every patient that comes into their office. There are over 250 clubs in the network located in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, China and Spain. Clubs meet regularly for interactive educational programs and discussion on the latest developments in dentistry. Presentations by world-renowned clinical speakers make this program even more valuable. Meetings provide a forum for member doctors to discuss and plan cases using the collective knowledge of the entire group.

Dr. Naples has directed Lone Star Dental Seminars (LSDS), a local SSC affiliate, since 2004. Learn more about membership or upcoming events!

New Smiles Contest Update

“I love my teeth and I love Team Naples.”

In August 2016 Dr. Naples and Team launched an exciting new program – we gave the gift of a new smile with our New Smiles Contest!

To help patients who need extensive dental restoration but cannot afford the treatment, we teamed up with world leaders in dental implant technology Nobel Biocare, longtime partners Star Dental Lab, and a local restorative dentist. Together we provided one lucky patient with a full dental arch restoration using the innovative All on 4 dental implant treatment – a $25,000 value – absolutely FREE!

Like millions of Americans, our contest winner had severe damage to her teeth and gums, including several missing teeth and a failing bridge. Conditions such as this can affect eating habits, emotional well-being, and general health. Thanks to the New Smiles Contest, the proven All-on-4®  treatment, and our All on Friday® program, Cindy got the dental treatment she needed.


A New Smile Can Change a Life: New Smile Complete!

Getting a brand new smile is a process – but our contest winner underwent every step and healed like a champ. Now that she has her forever teeth, Cindy is all smiles!

We caught up with Cindy to see how she’s feeling after receiving her brand new smile.

She says “I’m crunching on beet chips right now and I love them! I’m still getting used to being able to eat everything again.”

Why did you enter the New Smiles Contest?

I think mostly I wanted to be carefree about smiling, laughing, and even talking. I was so self-conscious about opening my mouth, for fear of people seeing that I was missing teeth. That’s not even taking into consideration the various foods that I was unable to eat because I couldn’t chew them or bite into them without worrying about losing more teeth.

Please tell us about your experience with your treatment and the All on Friday process.

Everything was great! Just knowing that you are in the process of getting a mouthful of beautiful new teeth, and each visit gets you that much closer – it’s the best feeling! Seeing all of the friendly, wonderful ladies at Dr. Naples’ office who greeted me at every visit with smiles and arms open wide, and knowing that they are sharing in my joy is awesome. I loved going to my appointments because each time, I could see the progress.

Seeing the painstaking care that goes into each step is incredible and I loved learning and watching what each person contributed. I felt comfortable knowing that a top-notch surgeon worked on me, and all of his staff taking the same care. Plus, the in-house lab and the lab staff present at the appointments to see how things are fitting and going … it’s perfect.

“The waiting was the hardest part. Everything else was a breeze.”

What was the hardest part of the All on Friday process?

THE WAIT! I was so excited about the entire process, so waiting to get to the next appointment was really hard. Everything else was a breeze.

What do your friends and family have to say about your new smile?

My family saw the struggle that I went through for years with my teeth. They couldn’t be happier for me now. They all tell me how beautiful my smile is and that it lights up my face. My friends tell me that I’ve become much more social and they have learned that they love my laugh. My family sees me much more at ease and they love that when we go places, I don’t say, “I can’t chew that or I can’t have that.”

What would you say to anyone thinking about All-on-4® with All on Friday®?

It’s the best investment of time & money that you can make for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. It not only will give you a new beautiful smile, it will improve your outlook on life and most importantly your health!

I love my teeth and I love Team Naples.


This chance of a lifetime giveaway was exciting for all involved. Because a new smile can change a life, we’re bringing the New Smiles Contest back for a second year!

We are accepting entries between September 1st and October 31st, 2017. Winner announced on December 8th, 2016.

For full contest rules and more info visit

Not sure if All-on-4 with All on Friday is right for you.  Check out our FAQ page!

Know the Facts

Know the Facts: “Dental Specialist” vs. a “Dentist who Specializes”

As a dental patient, you have access to many innovative procedures, from dental implants that may improve your smile and ability to eat and speak, to restorative or reconstructive surgery, to adult braces made from clear, almost invisible materials.

You also have many options when choosing a professional to provide a dental service. It is important to note that not all dentists are created equal. It is to your benefit to understand the distinction between a “Dental Specialist” and a “dentist who specializes”, as it could affect the outcome of your dental procedure.

What is a Dental Specialist?

There are many dentists who say they specialize in a particular procedure. Their level of experience with said procedure may vary greatly from dentist to dentist. In contrast, Dental Specialists are dentists who, after completing general dental school, pursue a specialization by completing a multiple-year residency in a specific dental specialty area. The American Dental Association’s Council on Dental Education and Licensure currently recognizes only nine dental specialties:

  • Dental Public Health Endodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontists

What You Should Know Before Scheduling a Dental Procedure

We know that you have a desire to make informed decisions about your own and your family’s health care. Thus, we recommend asking the following questions before selecting a dental professional for any specialized procedure such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, root canals, or orthodontics:

1. Are you a trained [oral and maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist, etc]?
If not, what training have you had in performing this procedure?
2. How many of these procedures have you performed in the last six months?
3. What are the possible complications of this procedure?
4. If there are complications, how do you address them?
5. Will anesthesia be used for this procedure? If yes, who will administer the anesthetic? Who will monitor me during the procedure? What are your emergency capabilities and procedures?
6. What is your rate of success for this procedure?

Dental Specialization: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Following dental school, oral and maxillofacial surgeons surgically train for a minimum of four years in a hospital-based residency program.

All oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained and skilled in diagnosing and surgically treating a number of conditions, including the removal of third molars and other diseased teeth, dental implant surgery, diagnosis and treatment of oral, head and neck cancer, corrective jaw surgery, temporomandibular jaw surgery, and surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnea, among others.

Dr. Naples completed a prestigious OMS Fellowship at Emory University followed but a four-year training program in oral & maxillofacial surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina. Additionally, Dr. Naples completed a full year of anesthesia training as part of his OMS residency.

For more information about Dr. Naples’ training and background, please visit our Meet the Doctor and FAQ pages, or speak to any of our Team in the Naples office!

Source: Texas Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

New Smiles Contest Update

New Smiles Contest Update May 2017

For those of you who’ve been following the progress of our inaugural New Smiles Contest winner – we have an update!

As you may remember, our lucky winner Cindy is receiving a new smile (full upper arch restoration) at no cost, thanks to Nobel Biocare’s revolutionary All-on-Four® treatment concept and Dr. Naples’ All on Friday®.

New Smiles Progress Report

Full arch restoration is a complex process involving many steps. When we last checked in, Cindy was receiving her temporary set of prosthetic teeth to improve her smile and allow “soft” chewing while her mouth completed healing.

At our most recent All on Friday session on April 28th, our winner reached another milestone in the treatment process: Mounting and Temporary Evaluation.  During this appointment, we evaluated her temporary teeth, discussed what she liked best and what changes she would like to make for her final set of teeth. 

Star Dental Lab will use this information to work their magic and create a wax model of her final teeth for her to try-in at her next appointment.  If she likes them, her final set of will be processed and ready for her at our July All on Friday.  Cindy is doing very well and she can’t stop smiling!

Thank you for the professionalism and support of restorative dentist Dr. Juli Powell and our partners at Nobel Biocare and Star Dental. We could not provide this life changing experience without you!

Cindy’s final set of teeth will be permanent and fully functional – steaks, salads, and crunchy foods like chips and apples will all be fair game.

Enter our New Smiles Contest!

Does all of this sound like a dream come true? Do you or someone you know require a full upper or lower dental restoration?

Good news – we will soon be re-launching our New Smiles Contest for a second year and another round of entries! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for important announcements.


Book Now for Summer Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Best time to remove wisdom teeth

Book Now for Summer Wisdom Teeth Removal

Summer is an awesome time for vacations, relaxing, and backyard barbecues – but did you know that it’s also a great time to have your wisdom teeth removed? It’s true – summer is a great time for wisdom teeth removal because the more relaxed schedule allows for a full recovery and ample rest without missing school or juggling other activities.

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars, and are located at the very back of the mouth. We recommend early evaluation of emerging wisdom teeth – ideally between ages 16 – 19 years of age, since recovery for high school and college age kids is significantly less than for adults.  Also, wisdom teeth which are removed early have less developed roots and lead to fewer complications.

The evaluation consists of a simple x-ray to see the presence and alignment of wisdom teeth. Though it’s not exactly something they look forward to, we always tell kids that their parents love them because they are having wisdom teeth removed now and not leaving them to cause problems as an adult!


Common Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

The most common factors leading to removal of wisdom teeth are impacted molars, teeth that emerge at an odd angle, or not enough room in the mouth for the third molars or wisdom teeth. Each situation can result in painful and possibly dangerous consequences, such as teeth trapped in the jawbone or pressing against your other teeth.


*Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are many other advantages to early extraction of wisdom teeth, such as:

  1. Easier and faster recovery.
  1. Lower chance of related complications.
  1. Less chance of infection and inflammation that can spread to other teeth.
  1. Prevents painful crowding of other teeth due to lack of space.
  1. Easier and more effective oral hygiene. Due to their location, wisdom teeth can be tough to keep clean.
  1. Avoid cysts and/or tumors associated with impacted wisdom teeth, and the extensive procedures needed to remove them.
  1. Decreased chance of gum disease, inflammation, receding gum tissues, deterioration of the jawbone and tooth loss.
  1. Peace of mind and a healthy smile!!


We are here to answer all your questions, and will let you know what to expect before, during and after surgery.  We do everything we can to make the patient as comfortable as possible! You do not need a referral for wisdom teeth removal. Call now to book your evaluation for summer wisdom teeth removal!

Call Dr Naples Office 512-388-4412

*Courtesy of American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

About our Practice: Implant Treatment Coordinator

Ask Dr. Naples What is an Implant Treatment Coordinator?

In our practice, teamwork and communication are the most important factors in successful patient care. Each person’s role in the office is unique, and crucial to the delivery and care you receive during your treatment.

While dental implants are not all we do, they are a huge part of our practice, and involve several steps to completion. Thus, the Implant Treatment Coordinator is key to providing the best possible care for you, our patients.

What Is an Implant Treatment Coordinator?

Every mouth is different; therefore, every patient’s treatment is unique to their particular needs. Your Implant Treatment Coordinator, or ITC, know which implants are best for your situation and will make sure Dr. Naples has the right supplies and personalized information for every stage of your treatment.

While the ITC is not a dentist, she is a highly-trained professional with clinical experience and specialized skills essential to your care. The implant coordinator is fully versed in the entire implant process, and can support you every step of the way.

How Can the Implant Treatment Coordinator Help Me?

We want you to feel comfortable coming to our ITC with any questions you may have throughout the implant process. Our ITC provides useful information and can answer any questions you may have about the clinical and cosmetic aspects of your treatment. She will also provide a complete financial treatment plan, so you know what to expect every step of the way.

The ITC is your go-to person for:

  •  Implant stage planning (treatment timeline)
  •  Details about your upcoming (or any) stage of treatment
  •  Communication between our office and your restorative dentist
  •  Communication (if needed) with the lab who is creating your crown
  •  Appointment scheduling
  • Follow-up phone calls and post-surgical care
  •  Monitoring your healing progress
  • Questions regarding financial arrangements and payment options

By putting the ITC in control of your care, our goal is to:

  • Keep communication open and consistent
  •  Provide you with a clear plan for each of your treatment stages
  • Be as efficient with your time and Dr. Naples’ time

Like most positions in our office, the role of ITC requires continuous education. Our Implant Treatment Coordinator participates regularly in continuing education course to keep her up-to-date on the most current information about dental implants.

Meet Shannon the Implant Treatment Coordinator at Dr. Naples Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Round Rock Texas
Reach out to our friendly ITC, Shannon at 512.388.4412 and schedule your implant consult today!

Call Dr Naples Office 512-388-4412

Where is The Surgeon?

Ever wondered where Dr. Naples, our dedicated oral surgeon, goes every January?

Each year, Dr. Naples steps out of the office for a week of hands-on learning and collaboration, alongside other doctors interested in gaining knowledge to improve patient care. Seattle Study Club® (SSC) Symposium is the annual gathering of doctors from over 250 global SSC chapters, and is the premiere conference for the dental industry.

As it turns out, Disney World is not the only reason to visit Florida! Dr. Naples will be hitting sunny Orlando this month to attend the 2017 Symposium.

While amazing keynotes, interactive lectures, and surgical workshops are an obvious draw for many attendees, Dr. Naples is a regular at Symposium because he feels SSC Symposium is the best venue for staying on top of clinical and practice trends in dentistry as well as developing invaluable connections with other like-minded dental professionals around the country.

Seattle Study Club Symposium 2017

The theme of this year’s Symposium is Big Bang, in the spirit of doing something impactful and that’s never been done before. This meeting will include almost 50 unique sessions over the course of four days – a mixture of discussion-based lectures, and hands-on restorative and surgical workshops!

The Symposium experience is truly unique.  Doctors gather face-to-face and discuss varying specialties, compare techniques, and learn about industry best practices and developments. We’ve seen first hand how the opportunity for dentists to accumulate, examine and practice new techniques among their peers/in a collaborative setting results in real learning, and real benefits for patients. 

About Seattle Study Club

Seattle Study Club, Inc. is a global network of doctors interested in furthering their knowledge to provide excellent care to each and every patient that comes into their office. There are over 250 clubs in the network located in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, China and Spain. Each club meets regularly for interactive educational programs, discussion on the latest developments in dentistry and presentations by world-renowned clinical speakers. These meetings provide a forum for each member doctor to discuss and plan cases with the collective knowledge of the entire group.

Dr. Naples has been the director of Lone Star Dental Seminars (LSDS), a local SSC affiliate, since 2004. Learn more about membership or upcoming events!