Get a New Smile in a Day

The All-on-X dental implant solution provides patients with a set of natural-looking prosthetic teeth on the day of surgery.

Experience the Life-Changing Effects of All-on-X

If you’re having difficulty talking and chewing or you’re embarrassed to smile because you have multiple damaged or missing teeth, we can help. The groundbreaking All-on-X approach replaces your missing teeth with a full upper or lower arch of fixed (non-removable) replacement teeth supported by four dental implants.

The All-on-X treatment concept is one of the most-respected solutions for full-arch treatment. Since 1988, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with this highly-effective and lasting approach. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology and surgical techniques to help patients who would like to improve their smile and restore normal oral function through dental implants.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable dentures and say hello to a brand new smile.

Why We Recommend All-on-X Implants for Full Arch Replacement

Improve Confidence and Quality of Life

Patients who are missing all of their upper or lower teeth often feel embarrassed about their smile. All-on-X implants let you smile and laugh with confidence again and eat the foods you love.

A Long-Term, Non-Removable Solution

Unlike dentures, bridges, or partial dentures, your new smile with All-on-X is an effective and lasting solution. Your new smile is here to stay, with a fixed prosthetic arch that never comes out of your mouth.

Natural Look, Feel, and Function

Biting and chewing feel completely natural with All-on-X implants, and biting strength is restored to almost 100%. You can brush and floss as normal.

Preserves Bone Structure and Facial Features

All-on-X implants will essentially halt any existing bone deterioration. The implants bond to your jawbone to create a stable structure for the replacement arch. If necessary, bone grafting will be used to provide the necessary foundation for the implants.

For more information about All-on-X, please consult the Dental Implant Guide, an authority on dental implants.

Ready to regain oral function and experience a beautiful new smile? See if All-on-X is right for you.

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