New Smiles Contest Update

Know the Facts
June 29, 2017
Dr. Naples at Seattle Study Club Symposium
January 17, 2018
Know the Facts
June 29, 2017
Dr. Naples at Seattle Study Club Symposium
January 17, 2018

“I love my teeth and I love Team Naples.”

In August 2016 Dr. Naples and Team launched an exciting new program – we gave the gift of a new smile with our New Smiles Contest!

To help patients who need extensive dental restoration but cannot afford the treatment, we teamed up with world leaders in dental implant technology Nobel Biocare, longtime partners Star Dental Lab, and a local restorative dentist. Together we provided one lucky patient with a full dental arch restoration using the innovative All on 4 dental implant treatment – a $25,000 value – absolutely FREE!

Like millions of Americans, our contest winner had severe damage to her teeth and gums, including several missing teeth and a failing bridge. Conditions such as this can affect eating habits, emotional well-being, and general health. Thanks to the New Smiles Contest, the proven All-on-4®  treatment, and our All on Friday® program, Cindy got the dental treatment she needed.


A New Smile Can Change a Life: New Smile Complete!

Getting a brand new smile is a process – but our contest winner underwent every step and healed like a champ. Now that she has her forever teeth, Cindy is all smiles!

We caught up with Cindy to see how she’s feeling after receiving her brand new smile.

She says “I’m crunching on beet chips right now and I love them! I’m still getting used to being able to eat everything again.”

Why did you enter the New Smiles Contest?

I think mostly I wanted to be carefree about smiling, laughing, and even talking. I was so self-conscious about opening my mouth, for fear of people seeing that I was missing teeth. That’s not even taking into consideration the various foods that I was unable to eat because I couldn’t chew them or bite into them without worrying about losing more teeth.

Please tell us about your experience with your treatment and the All on Friday process.

Everything was great! Just knowing that you are in the process of getting a mouthful of beautiful new teeth, and each visit gets you that much closer – it’s the best feeling! Seeing all of the friendly, wonderful ladies at Dr. Naples’ office who greeted me at every visit with smiles and arms open wide, and knowing that they are sharing in my joy is awesome. I loved going to my appointments because each time, I could see the progress.

Seeing the painstaking care that goes into each step is incredible and I loved learning and watching what each person contributed. I felt comfortable knowing that a top-notch surgeon worked on me, and all of his staff taking the same care. Plus, the in-house lab and the lab staff present at the appointments to see how things are fitting and going … it’s perfect.

“The waiting was the hardest part. Everything else was a breeze.”

What was the hardest part of the All on Friday process?

THE WAIT! I was so excited about the entire process, so waiting to get to the next appointment was really hard. Everything else was a breeze.

What do your friends and family have to say about your new smile?

My family saw the struggle that I went through for years with my teeth. They couldn’t be happier for me now. They all tell me how beautiful my smile is and that it lights up my face. My friends tell me that I’ve become much more social and they have learned that they love my laugh. My family sees me much more at ease and they love that when we go places, I don’t say, “I can’t chew that or I can’t have that.”

What would you say to anyone thinking about All-on-4® with All on Friday®?

It’s the best investment of time & money that you can make for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. It not only will give you a new beautiful smile, it will improve your outlook on life and most importantly your health!

I love my teeth and I love Team Naples.


This chance of a lifetime giveaway was exciting for all involved. Because a new smile can change a life, we’re bringing the New Smiles Contest back for a second year!

We are accepting entries between September 1st and October 31st, 2017. Winner announced on December 8th, 2016.

For full contest rules and more info visit

Not sure if All-on-4 with All on Friday is right for you.  Check out our FAQ page!

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